BlackWolf Huntress Stack Review

BlackWolf Huntress Stack Review

BlackWolf Huntress: The Power Of Three

As a woman it’s easy to feel neglected when it comes to workout supplements – after all, the vast majority of the market is geared towards men looking to get lean, ripped and six-pack heavy.

But what if you’re a women looking to shed fat, get toned up and more importantly, feel strong and confident?

New supplement manufacturer BlackWolf claims to have the answer, with three cutting-edge supplements specifically formulated to support women through all the phases of muscle building, strengthening and getting toning up. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Trail – pre-workout  supplement to boost focus and energy
  • Hunt intra-workout supplement to energise, reinvigorate and repair the body between       workouts
  • Eliminate – post-workout supplement to aid recovery and feed the body nutrients

What’s more, this terrific trio is also available as a bundled package, Huntress, giving you everything you need to support the full cycle of getting lean and feeling great.

This is certainly a unique product and one that’s likely to gather lots of attention as women start trying it – let’s get a head start and take a look at the facts…

The Huntress Formula

These three products each contain unique formulas with active ingredients that work to:

  • Raise energy levels
  • Boost focus, concentration and motivation levels
  • Enable you to bring the most to each and every workout
  • Burn fat
  • Speed up recovery time between workouts

You can find the formulas for all of the supplements included in the Huntress stack at the manufacturer’s website here:

How To Take Huntress

Each of these supplements should be taken up to three times a day.

Mix one scoop (30g) of Trail, Hunt or Eliminate with water, juice or milk. You can also add it to yoghurt or a smoothie.

To see real results, the manufacturer recommends taking any BlackWolf product for a minimum of 60 days.

User Feedback

There’s no getting round it – as the BlackWolf stack is brand new to the market, we can’t offer much insight here. That said, the initial signs definitely look good! As reviews materialise, we will post details here

Reported Side Effects

With no user reviews out there as of yet, its hard to be accurate, but there is nothing in the formula that gives rise to any concerns about side effects

Where To Buy Huntress

You want to be heading directly to the manufacturer ( this one.

At you can buy the Huntress Package for £64.95, which includes 450g tubs of Trail, Hunt and Eliminate. At present, you’ll also receive a free shaker and premium fitness guides with this package. All in all, pretty good value for money!

Cash Back Guarantee?

There’s a money-back guarantee on offer here, but it only extends to 14 days and only covers unopened products..

Our Thoughts

We’re feeling really optimistic about this stack – the standalone products included here are strong in their own merit, but together we’re looking at a complete, end-to-end package that takes care of all aspects of getting lean and building muscle.

There are stacks of important ingredients here supporting everything from energy levels and motivation to fat loss, endurance and recovery. What’s more, lots of these ingredients are proven to do the job.

We also think it’s great that these products have been formulated specifically with women and their needs in mind – something still less common than you’d think!

You Can Buy Your Huntress Stack Direct From Blackwolf Workout – Click Here