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5 Acne Care Tips From The Uk’s Best Selling Acne Treatment

Acne is without doubt one of the most confidence sapping complaints to suffer from.  There are many do’s and dont’s written about this often embarrassing condition.  What do you believe?

Here are a few facts that could help keep acne at bay:Adult-Acne-Treatment

Five points to consider:

  1. Change your pillowcase every 2 days.  Dirt and bacteria collect and grow very quickly.  wash them in a fragrance free soap detergent preferably with no fabric conditioner.
  2. Water is essential to cleanse the toxins from within.  They say 8 glasses per day but if you could manage 4 glasses a day it will help keep skin hydrated and clearer.
  3. Keep sugar and dairy products to a minimum.  It has been proven through clinical trials that over indulging in the sweet stuff can irritate acne.
  4. Try not to touch your face.  Resisting the urge to pick or squeeze (as hard as it is) will help to stop further spreading.
  5. Exercise is good for both body and and skin.  Always shower as soon after as possible.  Sweating is good as it releases trapped toxins and dirt, cleaning it off quickly is even better.

Following these tips could help keep your acne breakouts to a minimum.

Exposed Skincare

exposed4Exposed skincare have long been specialists in skincare and have thoroughly researched all aspects of treating acne.

Their range of Acne care products have been an effective solution to ridding your skin of those unwanted acne breakouts for quite some time and with proven results of it’s gentle active ingredients and positive user feedback, a safe mixture of both science and nature.

Exposed have formulated the complete day and night regime to clear your skin without the harsh drying effects that some chemically based acne products can cause.

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Morning Routine

Step 1 Facial Cleanser – Wet the face then lather a small amount in to your hands and gently rub into the skin for about 10 – 15 seconds.  It is best to avoid contact with the eye area.  Rinse with lukewarm water.  Pat your face dry (don’t rub) with a clean towel.

Step 2 Clearing Tonic – Use your hands to apply over the skin, again avoid the eyes, with gentle strokes make sure you cover the entire facial area.

Step 3 – Acne Treatment Serum – While the skin is still wet from the Clearing Tonic, work in a small amount of serum over the blemish prone area.  Leave the serum to completely drive, this should take 3 – 5 minutes, before using other products.

Evening Routine

Step 1 Facial Cleanser – Use as morning routine

Step 2 Clearing Tonic – Follow the directions as morning routine

Step 3 – Clear Pore Serum – While the skin is still wet from the Clearing Tonic, Gently work in a small amount of serum over the entire blemish prone area, always avoid the eye area.  Leave to dry for about 5 minutes before applying other products.

Moisture Complex (Optional)images

You can use in the morning or evening.  On a completely dry face, squeeze a small amount into your hands and gently pat on to the skin, never rub.

By following the tips and using Exposed skincare as directed, the makers tell us that you should see an improvement after 10 – 14 days, with many cases of acne cleared within 30 days.

Exposed offer a complete range of acne care products, all are available separately, or for best value, in carefully developed acne care kits..All guaranteed for 12 months or your money back

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