Adult Acne Causes

Acne – Affects All Ages

Acne is probably the most common skin problem affecting both men and women.  It has often been associated with young people, largely an adolescent problem. This is not 100% true as many adults experience breakouts at any time of their lives.  In fact some suffer withacneleve acne on and off their entire lives.

This upsetting skin condition does not discriminate and leaves the sufferer with spots, rashes and angry sore skin.  In some cases acne does not appear until we are in our 40’s.  For women it may start around the time of menopause.

Statistics show us that up to 40% of woman and around 20% of men at some time suffer outbreaks.

Whether you suffer from a severe or mild form, it can affect our lives in many ways.  Often leaving the sufferer lacking in self confidence confidence and low esteem.

Why are Women More Prone to Outbreaks

In A Word – Hormones!!

Hormones are a main cause of acne as certain hormones can produce an excess of sebum (the skins natural oil) which then blocks pores trapping any dead skin cells and dirt causing infection.  Red angry spots are the most common sign of acne.

Many factors are known to aggravate the problem. Smoking and pollution are among many every day influences helping to further block and irritate our skin.  It could be the workplace, Certain jobs mean we are exposed to dirt, dust and chemicals further feeding the problem.

Some cosmetics can be another irritant.

How To Treat Acne

Doctors will sometimes prescribe antibiotics to treat more severe cases.  Often meaning the sufferer will be on them for long periods of time. These can often help to clear the bacteria causing the acne breakouts.

Cleansing the skin daily will help to minimise and clear any pollutants that have come in contact with our skin.  With many chemically based cleansing products specifically formulated to clear acne being harsh and drying to the skin, its a known fact that natural cleansers are a much better option.

Clear-SkinWe know that the older we get the more gentle we have to be with our skin.  Teenage skin is said to be more resilient, but what ever your age, gentle natural skin cleansers are better.

Always treat your skin (what ever your age or skin type) with respect.

Use natural products which are oil free.  Good quality sunscreens are more likely to protect your skin from harmful rays without over clogging the pores.

When choosing a product to use, these are some ingredients to look for:

  • Salicylic And Azelaic Acids
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Liquorice

These all are proven to kill bacteria while gently cleansing and clearing pores in skin that is prone to acne.

With many effective products suitable for all ages, acne does not have to dominate your life.  Natural based serums and creams can treat the skin gently while reducing and clearing acne.

Recommended Treatment

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