Powher Pre-workout For Women Review

Powher Pre-workout For Women Review

The #1 Pre-workout For Women – Give Your Muscles Extra Powher

In a world of largely male targeted products its exciting to find a pre-workout supplement specially formulated and made for active women.

There are not the many out there, the majority being stimulant heavy male type products that are simply too powerful for the female body.

Failing that there are some weaker. toned down versions of these male products that have been re-hashed in some weak attempt to make them more palatable for gym going women. Regretfully most of them failed to hit the mark.

powher pre-workout for females

Enter POWHER – made by UK based supplement gurus Ultimate Nutrition, they have recognised the subtle but crucial physiological and hormonal differences between men and women (we are not talking about the obvious ones here) and armed with that knowledge have formulated what is proven to be a very effective female friendly pre-workout supplement.

POWHER is different to many other products out there, it delivers a clean source of sustained energy without the need for overly high amounts of stimulants. 

It is suitable for women who workout regularly, but its uses does not stop there, if you play team sports, run, swim or cycle its energy boosting effects are highly effective and valuable.

The POWHER Difference

POWHER is a special developed female friendly pre-workout powder that has been specially developed to help provide the female body with additional energy levels, improved focus, concentration and as a direct result, improved results.

It boosts hydration, supports and enhances aerobic capacity, and sharpens focus and concentration without relying on high levels of stimulants that are well known for their ability to cause unpleasant side effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Jitters
  • Shakes
  • Anxiety
  • Problems Sleeping

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POWHER Key Facts

powher pre-workout reviews

Free From Side Effects – Unlike stimulant rich pre-workouts, POWHER contains just enough caffeine to boost metabolism without causing any adverse effects

Natural Caffeine Booster – 3 unique ingredients combine together to multiply the effects of the small dose  of caffeine in the formula to maximise the effects and benefits, ensuring that the body uses it effectively without side effects

Increases Focus And Motivation – We have all been there, going, but not really wanting to be at the gym, working out in a half hearted manner, POWHER boosts focus and motivation especially on those days where you don’t really feel up to it.

Boosts Fat Burning – By increasing energy, your workout will be more intense, allowing you to increase calories used which ultimately means more fat being burnt.

No Bulky Muscle Mass – Being free from creatine, which is know for its muscle bulking effects, Users Of POWHER will gain improved muscle tone and strength without that unsightly muscle bulk loved by men, but loathed by women – helps retain your sexy curves and femininity.

Vegan Friendly – Using a 100% natural, Non GMO Formula with no additives, or animal products, POWHER is suitable for all regardless of dietary preferences.

The Formula IN POWHER

The finished formula is packed with a clever mix of effective, female friendly ingredients, each 10g scoop contains:

OXYJUN – a branded extract called Terminilia Arjuna, this bark extract is clinically recognised for its ability to increase athletic performance by boosting blood flow to the muscles, this increases the delivery of oxygen and other nutrients, helping to sustain and prolong extensive workouts.

REDNITE – A super powerful form of beetroot extract. A proven vasolidator know for its ability to boost blood flow, feeding and nurturing the muscle cells, providing additional energy when you need it most.

ENXTRA -A clever combination of Alpine Galanga, Lemongrass and Licorice. Proven to combine and deliver a powerful, slow release form of energy without causing that nasty ‘caffeine crash’ commonly experienced by other pre-workout products.

Tyrosine – Recognised nootropic that boosts the release of norepinephrine and dopamine. These key neurotransmitters help reduce the effects of both mental and physical stress on the body.

Coconut Water Powder – exceptionally high in natural electrolytes, this help retain muscle hydration levels and boost both performance and recovery.

Natural Caffeine – Sourced from green coffee beans, caffeine is a great source of useable energy. POWHER contain just enough to boost energy without triggering those nasty side effects so commonly experienced with some other products.

Beta Alanine – Boosts muscle recovery, reducing fatigue, improves muscle tone and strength without adding unsightly bulk.

Citrulline Malate – A well known vasodilator, it increases blood flow, speeds recovery and boosts muscle tone

Taurine – A crucial amino acid known for its ability to hydrate muscles.

Lysine – Another Amino acid that helps boost calcium absorption along with its ability to reduce the effects of stress.

powher pre-workout formula

How To Take POWHER Pre-Workout For Women

The suggested dose is one x 10g scoop mixed with 8oz of water – Preferably use a mixer bottle to make sure that the product is fully mixed with no unwanted lumps of unmixed powder. 

Take around 30 minutes before hitting the gym or playing field for best results.

Where To Buy POWHER Pre-workout For Women

powher website

POWHER should be ordered directly from the manufactures official website (Click Here)

Here you can buy a tub containing enough for 25 days supply – this will cost you $49.00 (£35.00)

You can also take advantage of deals with some involving free shipping and free bottles of POWHER.

Buy 2 bottles and get free shipping to the US and UK – $90 (£70.00)

STAR BUY – Buy 3 bottles, get a 4th bottle free along with free worldwide shipping for

$149.00 (£105.00)

POWHER Pro’s and Cons

As with any product, there are good and bad points, here are the main ones:


  • Clean Ingredient profile – No additives, animal products or fillers
  • Slow Release Energy
  • Fully Disclosed formula – No hidden proprietary blends here.
  • Female Friendly – Contains no bulking agents, or high levels of caffeine
  • Synergistc Ingredients – The female friendly mix of ingredients all work in compete synergy with each other to maximise results without any adverse side effects.


  • Only available online – You cannot buy POWHER in Holland and Barratt, Walgreens, GNC, Ebay or bodybuilding[dot]com – it is only available direct from the manufacturer.
  • Premium Price – POWHER is slightly more expensive that many other pre-workout supplements.

Our Final Thoughts On POWHER

We have no doubts over the pedigree of POWHER, its famous sibling Leanbean has been the best selling female fat burner of the past 2 years. Its perfect for all women who workout, or take part in any sports activities.

It delivers a powerful, long lasting source of clean energy without any adverse effects. 

Each and every ingredient in the formula, has been handpicked for its effectiveness and its ability to work hand in hand with the other compounds to boost not just energy, but mental and physical performance, recovery, focus and motivation.

It reduces the effects of stress on the mind and body, rehydrates and energises.

If we had any adverse comments, its not the cheapest product out there, but when has cheap ever been better?? 

You get what you pay or in this life and the little bit extra that you end up paying for POWHER, is more than made up for by the amazing results that you can expect.

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