Reduced Sex Drive

Why Have I Lost Interest In Sex

A reduction in sex drive or libido can affect any of us at any time – and its not just the curse of the older woman – even women in their 20’s and 30’s can sometimes struggle to want or 106353263_loss-of-libido_342x198enjoy sex.

The causes can be numerous, but whatever the reason, if it occurs for extended periods of time, it can be detrimental to any relationship. This is why its crucial to understand the possible causes and what can be done to boost your libido once more

More Common Causes Of Reduced Libido Can Include

  • Stress and Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Medications
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Reduced Blood Flow 

Outside factors can include relationship problems and in some cases even serious issues such as childhood abuse.

How Can You Get Your Sex Drive Back

The first thing to do is make some time for YOU….. most women lead busy lives, trying to balance work, the kids and the home can leave you feeling stressed and tired.

woman-getting-massage-at-hotel-spaTake time to pamper yourself, go to yoga classes or have a day at a spa, get a massage, spoil yourself and make yourself feel ‘feminine’ again.

If you have young children at home, give them to your parents or even a trusted friend to look after them for a few hours just so you can unwind – watch a movie or just take a long walk. This will help improve your mood and reduce any stress or anxiety.

Talk to your partner – too many relationships fail in the bedroom because one or other partner keeps their fears, thoughts and worries to themselves.

If you feel like you have any medical issues, go see your doctor, they can check for any hormone imbalances or investigate any other possible causes. If they find any reduction in your crucial hormones, they may suggest a supplement to boost the levels.

Natural Gels and Supplements

There are some highly effective natural libido boosters that work to help rebalance any hormonal irregularities and also help improve blood flow to the genital area –

This is often the key reason for reduced sexual response and enjoyment.provestra

Two products that come highly recommended are Provestra – a female libido boosting pill that rebalances hormone levels, and Hersolution Gel – a topically applied gel that boosts blood flow to the vagina and surrounding area.

hersolution-Gel-3Both have a proven track record in the treatment and reviving of even the most flagging female libido –

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