The Risks Of Sun Damage And Your Skin

Staying Sun (and skin!) Savvy

In the all too usual dull weather that we Brits are accustomed to, it’s unsurprising that protecting ourselves from sun damage sometimes slips off our radar. What many of us don’t realise, however, is that whenever the sun is shining – even if it’s through cloud, or on a day that’s chilly – we should be protecting our skin.images

Harmful ultra violet (UV) rays are your skin’s worse enemy. What’s more, with the ozone layer depleting, there’s less protection than ever between your skin and the damaging rays of the sun. The effects that failing to protect your skin from harmful UV rays have barely require an introduction: skin cancer is rising at faster rates than ever, and the sun’s rays are a prime culprit.

Malignant melanoma – in other words, skin cancer – is the fifth most common cancer in the UK according to Cancer Research. More than eight in ten malignant melanoma cases are estimated to be caused by exposure to UK rays from the sun and sunbeds. And that’s not the only reason to get yourself protected: too much sun on unprotected skin creates discolouration, sun spots, blotchiness and brown spots, and is a key cause of wrinkles and premature ageing.

So how do we beat the sun? It’s vital to remember that protection from UV rays is essential all year roundUnknown – not just when you’re at the beach. Just because the weather is hazy, it doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t damaging your skin, and as they can even reflect off surfaces like water and cement, there really is no escape.

Continuously applying sunscreen with a certified sun protective factor (SPF) of 15 or higher – and containing both UVA and UVB rays – is crucial to minimising the sun’s effect on your skin.

On hot days, staying indoors or in the shade is advisable between the peak exposure hours surrounding midday, as is wearing a wide brimmed hat to cover the head, face, ears and neck – areas all especially vulnerable to sun damage. Wrap-around sunglasses are also a must.

For skin that is already showing visible effects of sun damage, there are treatments Phyto-350available to give your skin a spot of TLC…, for example, repairs skin damage caused by the sun, working from the inside out to replenish the skin’s structure and strengthen its layers.

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Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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