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Total Curve – The Natural Way To Breast Enhancement

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If you are one of millions of women worldwide who are considering breast enhancement, then natural breast enhancement is certainly one alternative to look in to.

Whether you want to increase your bust size or maybe just enhance and lift what youtotalcurve already have, breast surgery is the main option we tend to research. Small or sagging breasts can certainly knock the confidence and cosmetic procedures have become the preferred choice for many women over the past two decades.

There are of course risks involved. Lengthy (in some cases) recovery periods and the cost is a big factor when considering breast augmentation. The recent problems surrounding faulty implants supplied by manufacturer P.I.P has made many women think again..

Implants are the obvious way to go if you are looking to increase your bust by several cup sizes.

There are several kinds available and you would have to discuss this with your surgeon. The cost would usually start at around £5.000 so would not be a viable option for everyone.

Other problems that can arise post surgery are breast feeding problems, and health issues linked to the breasts (cancer) could be missed as women fitted with implants cannot usually have mammograms.

Natural Breast Enhancement

Natural forms of breast enhancement are fast becoming an effective alternative to other more invasive procedures.  Enhancement with natural products has been proven to work effectively.

By using a plant based version of Oestrogen (Phytoestrogen) the body naturally starts to lift and tighten breast tissue.  Using natural products can help to balance natural hormone levels, aiding breast health and increasing bust cup size by up to 2-3 sizes.

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 Total Curve

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Therapy is a proven effective breast enhancement treatment containing only natural properties.  It works along side our natural hormone levels and is a proven treatment encouraging firmer, larger breasts with absolutely no risk or side effects.


Total Curve Breast Enhance Therapy is a two part treatment plan including a daily supplement that provides all the natural nutrients required for maximum breast enhancement and a topically applied gel which contains an active breast boosting ingredient called Volufiline, recently developed containing sarsasapogenin, a compound known to stimulate the development of fatty tissue to increase volume.  This procedure is called lipogenesis.

Increases Breast Size By 8.4% in Just 60 Days

Studies on women aged between 18 and 35 have shown that Volufiline has encouraged an increase of 6.6% in breast size after only 28 days.

The dual Total Curve lifting and firming system has been clinically proven to increase breast size by 8.4% in 60 days or less.

Enhancing and enlarging your bust need not be invasive or expensive.  Natural breast enhancement works with your own body’s natural hormones and with 100% natural properties carries no risk to your health.

What We Think

Total Curve has a proven track record through clinical tests and customers reporting successful results.

Does it work?

totalCurve-300x230Yes, its effects will benefit you by lifting, firming and can boost cup size. However if you are looking to increase you bust by several sizes then surgery is your only real option


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You can order from the official website – they offer fast and secure shipping worldwide and all purchases are protected by a 60 day cash back guarantee

Prices start at $69.95 ( £43.25)  for a months supply with orders of two months supply or more available  at discounted prices

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