Treating Tired Ageing Eyes

All About Eyes – How They Age

Eyes are our most noticeable feature. They show every emotion. We paint them to look more attractive and we use them most effectively to attract a potential partner.

We all at some time or another have had a late night out, woken the next morning and Best-Anti-aging-Eye-Cream2rushed to the kitchen for some cucumber or other cooling substance to reduce the puffiness.  Concealer can only do so much.

Not so effective when age catches up with them.  There is nothing more ageing than heavy bags or lines around the eyes to take the sparkle out of them.  Expressive eyes are lost under the signs of ageing.

What Causes This And What Can We Do About It?

The most common complaints women have are dark circles, heavy under eye bags and wrinkles.  Laughter lines have evolved in to deep lines which permanently sit proudly around our eyes. We try (unsuccessfully) to cover up under eye bags which seem to get puffier by the day.

What Causes Ageing Skin Around The Eyes

Loss of Collagen – vital in maintaining structure and Elascticity

Fat deposits  – forming to create under eye bags

Reduced Blood Flow – Causes Those unsightly dark circles

Environment – Pollution, lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol all speed up the process of eye puffiness, wrinkles and bags.

Pigmentation – Increased melanin causes dark circles and marks to appear

How To Rid Ourselves Of Wrinkles And Puffy Eyes

cucumber-for-Dark-Circles-Under-EyesThere are several ways to treat the skin around the eyes

Get plenty of sleep, we don’t recover so well from late nights as we get older and this definitely shows in our eyes.

Diet plays a part as we tend to eat to many rich foods and carbohydrates which can cause us to retain fluid and this can accumulate around the under eye area.

Using cucumber, cold tea bags and cold compresses can help to reduce puffiness but only temporarily.

Surgery and Chemical Treatments

Effective in reducing or removing wrinkles and under eye bags.  Surgery has become popular especially in removing the heavy bags and upper eyelids that appear as we age, but as with any surgery is expensive and can carry some risk and possible side effects.

Cosmetic fillers have grown in popularity.  These are used to help plump up the area where collagen and elastin has depleted.  As with surgery though they are not for everyone and need to be re administered every few months.  They do carry risk of allergy or side effects and are costly.

Natural Eye Treatments

These are becoming the best alternative to more radical treatments.  Proven to be very effective, are aimed at treating the problem area without using any potentially harmful chemicals. They use natural properties and claim to have achieved great results both with clinical trials and consumer testing.

The main advantage that seems apparent with these treatments is no side side effects and affordability.

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