What Causes Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks – Causes And Cures

The most common time for a woman to develop stretch marks is during pregnancy.  It is a known fact that 70% of all women will develop these unsightly marks at some time in their Scar-MD-stretch-mark-therapylives.

They can vary in appearance and severity and be so noticeable for some women that they shy away from wearing skimpy clothing in public.

Stretch marks can also develop through weight gain or exercise.  Men themselves are not immune to developing stretch marks…Bodybuilders are more at risk of developing them due to intensive regimes.  They can also develop during puberty as the body fills out. Teenage girls often find them appearing around the time of breast development and hip growth.

What Are Stretch Marks?

When our skin is stretched or placed under strain over a relatively short amount of time (especially during periods of rapid growth such a pregnancy) .

The skins natural repair processes simply cannot keep up.  We have a certain amount of flexibility in our skin but it works within a natural 28 day cycle.  By disturbing the rate this occurs causes our skin cells to tear. Elastin and collagen usually give our skin its flexibility and aid its healing, but when it is stretched beyond its normal capacity their effectiveness begins to reduce.

Tearing of the connective tissues causes scarring to develop in the under layer of our skin (the Dermis) which also causes the outer layer (the Epidermis) to become thinner and appear translucent.

Stretch marks appear in the form of red streaks that eventually taken on the shape of those all to familiar shiny silvery white lines.

  • Collagen – strengthens connective tissues, keeping them rigid but also retaining flexibility
  • Elastin – Maintains the fibres that form the connective tissue, these in turn help to keep our skin supple.

Stretch-MarkGenetic factors can play a part in our developing stretch marks, with vitamin deficiency and long term dehydration attributing to their development.

We can develop stretch marks more or less anywhere.  The main areas vulnerable to them are our stomachs, hips, thighs, breasts and buttocks – especially during pregnancy.

How Do We Reduce Stretch Marks

We need to replenish our levels of collagen and elastin in order to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  There are treatments and creams available to help smooth and reduce their appearance.

Skinception are a natural skin care company who have put intensive research and development into formulating a natural serum to both smooth and eventually remove the signs of stretch marks.

Their product is called Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy and has in

skinceptionclinicaltrials been proven to help renew levels of collagen and elastin.  By reducing redness and smoothing the skin, the skins natural elasticity starts to return and the appearance of those unsightly stretch marks reduces – in many cases completely.

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