Why Does Our Skin Age

 The Skin Ageing Process

An unavoidable fact of life is that we age and it is most noticeable in our skin, our faces show everything.  Our lifestyle choices, The food we eat, do we drink enough, do we drink too much (alcohol) that is.  We cannot stop the ageing cycleGenerations but we can delay the process for a while with some helpful information and a bit of common sense.

There are two kinds of ageing.

Extrinsic Ageing more commonly known as photo-ageing, is a natural slow moving process that gradually ages us throughout our lives. According to skin care experts exposure to the sun has a massive impact on our skin.

Up to 90% of skin ageing is attributed to this.  Our environment, lifestyle, exposure to pollutants all play a part in skin deterioration.  What we eat can be a factor in ageing our skin.

Photo ageing is caused by over exposure to the sun.  This causes over production of melanin and we start to develop dark patches, age spots, deep lines and wrinkles. Skin can become tough and leathery in appearance.

Intrinisic Ageing is the normal ageing process associated with getting older – As our fat cells begin to diminish the skin later starts to thin.  Skin re-generation slows down and the healing process slows down with it.

We recover more slowly from injuries and blemishes.

Diagram of the Human SkinThinning skin leaves us bruising more easily. Any injuries to the skin take much longer to heal.

Ageing Skin is largely due to the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin.  Skin firmness and tone is dependant on this.  Our skin becomes dryer due to the loss of moisture retention and wrinkles and lines begin to form.

How Do We Reduce The Signs Of Ageing

Over exposure to the sun is a major factor in prematurely aged skin.  Make sure you use a good effective sun screen.  A large sun hat always a stylish way to protect your face.

Products that contain Vitamin C, E and A have been proven to help keep skin ageing at bay.  AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are proven to reduce the signs of  ageing and can be effective in skin rejuvenation.

Products containing the above are also beneficial in the production of natural Collagen and Elastin helping to smooth and firm any skin type.